Does toothpaste help cold sores?

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We all know that getting a cold sore is not on anyone’s list of Things to be Excited About. We get it. Many people swear that toothpaste can help cold sores. But does it really work? What is the science behind it? Is there a scientific reason to put toothpaste on a cold sore to help the healing process?

First, let’s see what happens when you apply toothpaste to a cold sore. You have probably seen someone do this, maybe even done it yourself. The toothpaste is spread over the blister, and then you cover the area with a bandage. Is it really going to help? Does toothpaste work in this way?

Toothpaste on a cold sore. Does it really help?

People who suffer from cold sores have been using toothpaste for cold sore treatment for years. They may have read about it on a blog or heard about it from a friend, but there is no clinical research that shows that toothpaste is effective at preventing or healing cold sores.

There are hundreds of viral stories and photos of people who have healed their cold sores after using toothpaste to treat them. But many of these stories may be the result of coincidence and wishful thinking.

Here are a few things you should consider for your cold sore treatment: 

When you apply toothpaste to your cold sore, the first thing that happens is that the blistering will be relieved for a while, however, toothpaste is not recommended for people with sores or blisters on the face or any other part of the body.

Toothpaste itself will not cure your cold sore. It has no medicinal properties. In fact, if you apply toothpaste to a cold sore, it will burn and sting because of the chemical sodium lauryl sulphate. Do not put toothpaste on an open wound. The toothpaste may dry out the area, but it also may spread the virus if you decide to use it on cold sores that appear on your lips or face. Toothpaste is certainly not an alternative to medications such as herlip®’ s 8x multi action formula.


The benefits of using herlip® over toothpaste to help cold sores!

Our 8x multi-action formula simultaneously provides a soothing action for inflammation caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), assistance with wound healing, relief by soothing and cooling the area, an analgesic effect for an anti-itch and, finally, moisturizing the affected area. It is a solution for multiple problems in one shot!

Our 8x formula is a light green gel and can be used as a daily preventive gel to prevent future breakouts. Use at the 1st signs of that tingle, herlip® reduces the severity and healing time of existing outbreaks, controls itching, burning, and flaking as well as increases the overall health of the skin.

So, in summary, when you feel a cold sore coming on, do not grab for the toothpaste, make sure you have herlip® cold sore gel at the ready and see what a different it makes.


herlip cold sore treatmentherlip cold sore treatment
Herlip - cold sore gelHerlip - cold sore gel

herlip® Cold Sore Rapid Relief Gel

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"I would definitely recommend having this on stand by if you too suffer from this unsightly wound."

I’m a regular sufferer through summer from burnt lower lip, resulting in blisters and cold sores. As a result it usually takes 2 weeks of chemist products to see any healing results. This is the first time I’ve tried Herlip by recommendation and I was instantly impressed. The colour disguised the redness, and dried the wound instantly. I was so impressed I never missed any of my social functions. Day 3 of using Herlip and the healing results are remarkable.

"At last an effective Cold Sore Cream that doesn’t just sit on the lip and do nothing."

I finally have a cold sore cream the actively works to stop the cold sore in its tracks. My method was to vigorously rub Herlip onto the infected area. The positive outcome is noticeable within hours of the application. I applied it immediately after I got the tingle on the lip. It stopped the blisters progressing to raw stage. All in all, it had amazing results and will definitely be using it as my go to coldsore treatment

"Amazing results & i love
the applicator"

“I loved the way it was packed. In a little pump…so clean and hygienic and not a tonne of product comes out when you press down. Unlike zovirax. And the colour covered up the white and red blister that usually comes with cold sores I get PLUS it matches the foundation. The smell was very pleasant too.
All in all, it had amazing results and will definitely be using it as my go to coldsore treatmen.”

Try herlip® today if you're not 100% happy with the results, we will refund you. That is our Smile Guarantee