How I use herlip® gel pump?

To use the HERLIP® gel pump for the first time, simply open the cap, then press the pump 4-5 times to get the first dose. This will allow for the gel to enter a small tube that feeds the applicator.  Each time after, just gradually press the pump for the amount you need. You can then apply the cream with a cotton swab or your finger by rubbing it in gently, and the cream will dry clear. Be sure to wash your hands before and after applying the cream.

How much herlip® gel is dispensed with each pump?

The full pump is designed to dispense the a total of 0.1g of gel. When applying, it is important to gradually press the pump until you get the amount that’s right for you.  For a lesion 5-8mm in diameter, please apply 0.02g – 0.03g of gel.

More gel may be needed when a cold sore covers larger area and less gel is needed when cold sore is smaller.  It is always recommended to include the small area surrounding the cold sore.

Where can I buy herlip® gel?

herlip® gel is only available online on our website.

How is herlip® gel different from other products?

herlip® gel is a world’s first Australian made natural cold sore management product that provides a visible improvement in the appearance of cold sore lesion in 24 hours from the first application.  To achieve optimal results, please apply every 4 hours until cold sore completely heals.

herlip® gel is also a world’s first 8 action cold sore treatment management product.

How long will a bottle of herlip® gel last for the average cold sore sufferer?

One tube of herlip® gel contains 2g net and will last the average cold sore sufferer through 2-3 episodes, which is a year’s supply for the average sufferer. In summary:

  • Each bottle contains 2.00g of gel which accounts for 60-100 applications.
  • For a cold sore of 5-7mm in diameter,  we recommend using 0.02g – 0.03g per application. This equates to a single drop of gel with 2-3mm in diameter.
  • Recommend daily dose is 6 applications in 24 hours (one every 4 hours).
  • One average cold sore sufferer will need up to 5 days or 30 applications per single episode.

However, because the duration of cold sores varies among different individuals, your results may vary. It is important to apply herlip® gel according to the package directions and recommended dosage.

How much is one application and one whole average episode?

One single application of 0.02g – 0.03g is $0.23AUD – $0.38AUD.

What is herlip® gel used for?

herlip® gel is used for the treatment of cold sores.

How do I use herlip® gel?

At the first sign of tingle or blister, apply herlip® gel every 4 hours, until the cold sore completely disappears.  We recommend that you wash your hands before and after applying the gel.

Can herlip® gel cause skin irritation?

herlip® gel may cause skin irritation.  Test before using herlip® gel for the very first time by applying the small amount of gel on the inside of the forearm.  The product should not be used in or around the eyes. Discontinue if a rash appears.

What does the cream look and feel like?

herlip® gel is a smooth, light brown to light green gel with mint scent that dries clear on your skin.