Science Overview

The Future of Cold Sore Treatment

The unique combination of actives leptospermum Australian Manuka honey 50mg/g, zinc oxide 38mg/g, lysine 14.9mg/g, propolis liquid extract 12mg/g, melissa officinalis 10.5mg/g, glycine 10mg/g, menthol 1.2mg/g, folic acid (vitamin B9) 1mg/g and ubiquinol-10 (CoQ10) 500 microgram/g.

Rapid Relief Formula

The results are visible within 24hrs with the application of herlip® gel every 4 hrs during a blister or latter phase will result in a visible difference in appearance in 24 hours.*

* Based on individual observational study on the efficacy of herlip cold sore rapid relief gel in the treatment of infection with Herpes simplex type 1*

Protein building blocks

Unique formula utilising amino acids as “protein building block” important for any wound healing physiological process

Ionic microelements

herlip® contains microelements including copper and zinc to assist with various phases of healing processes.

Absorbtion Enhancers

Utilising soya been derived nano lipds and mint leaf derived menthol as enhancers of ingredients absorbtion.

safe easy-to-use applicator

Our product bottles have easy-to-use measured pump applicator with 2mm orifice diameter.